Specialist International Clinical Training (SICT)

UNISS offers all Chinese medical doctors the opportunity to participate in the "Specialist International Clinical Training" (SICT) project, an initiative coordinated by the University of Sassari in collaboration with the University Hospital of Sassari and supported by ERSU and ATP Sassari.

Rector Massimo Carpinelli first launched the project in 2015. All participants are engaged in a highly specialized training course lasting three months to hone their expertise in the management and performance of clinical activities. Field-specific activities are also organized based on the specific profiles of trainees.

The partners

The SICT projects enjoys the support and collaborations of:

  • AOU Sassari, the University Hospital of Sassari
  • E.R.S.U. Sassari, the Regional Agency for Higher Education (Sassari branch)
  • A.T.P. Sassari, the Public Transports Company of Sassari
  • TourismPlus, a spin-off company supported by UNISS


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