Gender Equality Plan

gender equality plan image

From 2022, Universities that will want to access European funds of the Horizon Europe research program, the EU framework program for research and innovation, ongoing from 2021 to 2027, will have to be provided with a Gender Equality Plan.

The GEP is a strategic and operational tool that identifies gender differences and discrimination within the academic institution (in communication and language, in recruitment, finding resources, work organization, top management and distribution of roles) and aspires to the inclusion of a gender perspective in research and in the academic world through the development of rules, actions and practices aimed at eliminating discrimination and enhancing the role of women.



The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) of the University of Sassari has the objective to elaborate a triennial plan of positive actions, in order to promote gender balance in research groups, in decision-making processes, in research and in innovation. The Plan provides for a series of objectives concerning the analysis of data and procedures aimed at identifying gender discrimination within our University, the planning and implementation of positive actions, the monitoring of progress through indicators and an impact assessment.
The GEP is the result of a series of researches and activities that over the years have been prepared and carried out by the bodies responsible for respecting equal opportunities and reducing discrimination. In our University, initiatives, researches, seminars and projects aimed at analyzing social, economic and academic discrimination based on gender have flourished, representing a heritage of precious knowledge and experience that the Working Group for the GEP, coordinated by Professor Maria Antonietta Foddai, employs and enhances for the realization of the GEP.