UNISS syllabus 2016

2016 syllabus published!

Friday, 22 July 2016

"Security and international cooperation" is the new BA-level course launched by the University of Sassari in the 2016/2017 syllabus, the only one in Italy to offer an interdisciplinary course exploring security-related topics from several perspectives.

Another topical event this year is the launch of the new course in “Psychological sciences and techniques of cognitive processes”, the first to be made available to UNISS students.

In 2016 the University of Sassari was ranked #3 by Censis-Repubblica among the medium-sized Italian universities, with a diverse and comprehensive syllabus. Also traditional courses offer innovative features. The “Land and Environment Management” magistrale course offers two new specalizations in “marine” and “land” environments, in collaboration with Area Marina Protetta di Tavolara.

The degree course in Chemical Sciences will turn into an international course thanks to an agreement with the Polish University of Wroclaw for the release of a MS-level double qualification; at the same time, also the Dept of Economics is working to offer an international master's double degree course with the University of Bordeaux. In the field of health professions, UNISS will reopen the Master's degree nursing and midwifery. In the field of Humanities, Cultural Heritage Science will launch a new specialization in "History and the Arts", in addition to the traditional "Archaeology" and "Management of Cultural Heritage" specializations. 

50 graduate programs

A total of 50 degree courses are available: 26 three-year courses, 6 MS-level single-cycle courses and 18 MS-level courses; 23 of them have a restricted access (either local or national) and 27 of them are free-access courses with entry-level tests. Registration is open from August 1st to October 21st for open-access courses and for the years following the first. For other courses, all information, notices, available positions and deadlines are posted on www.uniss.it. All subject areas are represented: Science, mathematics and computing; Social and political sciences, economics and law; Health and wellness (with medicine, dentistry and health professions); Agriculture and veterinary medicine, unique courses in the regional scenario; Planning, with degrees in Architecture and City Planning, ranked #1 in Italy for the 4th year in a row by Censis-Repubblica for the quality of teaching (better than the IUAV Venezia and Turin's Politecnico).

International activities

The University is launching some international courses: "Urban and landscape planning", "Chemical Sciences" and "Economics" are also being modified into international programs. The international performance recognized as good practices by the Erasmus+ National Agency and the European Commission, placed the University of Sassari first in Italy in this field (Censis-Republic list). According to Almalaurea, students enrolled at the University of Sassari enjoy much greater international mobility experiences in comparison to the national average. In 2015/2016, the University granted 925 students contributions to spend time studying abroad through the different mobility programmes, more than last year's 824, and hosted 276 students. 

Sardegna Formed Project

The number is expected to grow through the continuation of the Sardegna Formed project that involves Fondazione di Sardegna, Sardinian universities and UNIMED (Mediterranean Universities Union) with the aim of promoting international cooperation among university institutions of the Southern Mediterranean area and Sardinia, in order to ensure the mobility of students of the University of Tunis, Algiers and the University Mohammed V, the University of Rabat to the University of Sassari. In the academic year 2015/2016, 29 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses took part in the project; for next year participants are expected to arrive 19 other students.

Limited access courses (National test)

Until July 26th, 3 pm all prospective students may register and apply to the entry tests for limited access courses (Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry & Dental Prosthetics, Veterinary Medicine, Architecture and planning) on www.universitaly.it. BY July 26th, 8 pm they will be require to complete the application on the "self studenti" service on www.uniss.it 

Fees and facilitations

In addition to the facilitations confirmed to the best graduate students who were awarded mark between 95 and 100 out of 100, other exemptions are being studied also for students enjoying refugee status and the children of unemployed or laid-off parents. The University of Sassari tuition fees are among the lowest in Italy: you can study with a minimum of € 310 and a maximum of € 1,300, depending on your income.


To understand the job opportunities made available by the possession of a qualification such a degree, attention should be paid to the percentage of employed newly graduated students compared to the total number of citizens in the area where the University is located. In the area of Sassari the gap is clear: 75% of graduates are employed within 3 years after their qualification compared to 51% of the population of the same area (aged between 15-64), with a positive competitive margin equal to 24%, one of the best percentages in southern Italy. Graduating is in general very useful and, particularly, in Sassari (source: Almalaurea & Istat). Doing business. From the next academic year, UNISS students will have the opportunity to participate in traineeships specifically designed to promote the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and business incubation through interaction or contamination between students from different locations, students and scholars, students and companies.


In the University of Sassari, a Special Commission for Students with Special Needs operates in a one-stop personalized service. The University of Sassari offers contributions for the tutoring for students affected by motion-related, sensory or mental disabilities, in accordance with procedures laid down in the rules developed by the Commission. In addition, also confirmed this year the health care services availbale to non-resident students are confirmed.

Facilities and services

With 13,966 classroom seats (on average 140 seats classroom per 100 enrolled students), 1,670 library seats (17 seats per 100 enrolled students), 823 work-stations (LAN connected) at the computer labs (8 seats per 100 enrolled students), the University Sassari is first among all Italian universities in the "facilities" category. The University continues its path towards ICT and digitization: this year's initiative is Eduroam (education roaming), a wireless network offering a secure access to the Web for students and all university staff who move across and outside Europe.

Post-graduate education

For the Academic Year 2016/2017, UNISS offers PhD Courses as part of the postgraduate syllabus. 8 PhD courses (one extra course in addition to the 2015 edition): Archaeology, History and Human Sciences; Architecture and Environment (in agreement with the University of Karabuk); Life Sciences and Biotechnologies; Languages, literatures and cultures of the modern and contemporary age; Agricultural science; Biomedical Sciences; Law; Veterinary Sciences. two Ph.D. programs will be launched in collaboration with the University of Cagliari in Chemical Science & Technology and Economics & Business. Part of the available scholarships will be funded by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia on the OP - ESF 2014/2020, since the University has successfully taken part in an international selection procedure.

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