4th International Student LE:NOTRE Landscape Competition: Future! Envisioning the Eco Island of Gozo in 2050

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Challenge your knowledge and creativity by participating in the 4th International Student Competition of the LE:NOTRE Institute! The competition and the forum will focus on the landscape of Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Gozo is the smaller sister island of Malta located in the north of the archipelago. Around 30,000 inhabitants share this small territory of approximately 67 km2. The Island of Gozo is to be developed as ECO ISLAND.

    This contest is part of the 7th Landscape Forum of the LE:NOTRE Institute. The working period is from October 10, 2017 – January 21, 2018. The forum itself will be hosted by the University of Malta in cooperation with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences from March 20 – 24, 2018.

    This international competition aims to discuss the future of living in and with our landscapes using the example of a potential ECO ISLAND in the Mediterranean Sea. The local potential is seen in the context of the grand challenges of our times as summarized by the following keywords:
- Climate change
- Digitalisation
- Migration
- Globalisation
- Individualisation
- Urban Sprawl
- Biodiversity Loss

Furthermore, two relevant local tendencies are to be integrated:
    Eco & Heritage Tourism, and Regional agricultural production and marketing

    The participants are asked to reflect how these challenges will affect the island of Gozo over the coming decades. They are then asked to design a vision of how an ideal response to those challenges could be exemplified on Gozo. Based on a holistic understanding of the landscape and its various social and environmental layers, the response should be formulated from a human perspective: How do we want to live in and with the landscape of Gozo in 2050?

    The LE:NOTRE Institute invites any discipline to participate in this reflection and visioning process. Proposals need to take at least three of the above mentioned grand challenges into account. The scenario logic needs to be built on that basis. Ideally, students will get together in multidisciplinary teams.

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On the 11th of October there is an e-LECTURE on Landscape Architecture for Democracy by 
Randy Hester - emeritus professor of Berkeley, see: https://www.facebook.com/ruggerideni/posts/10107278728132283