ENI Award

Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Official annoucement

Eni is one of the most important, vertically integrated energy companies in the world. It operates in the oil, natural gas, electricity production, engineering, construction and petrochemical products sectors. It is constantly committed in growing in research, production and transportation activities, as well as in the conversion and trading of hydrocarbons. Eni is also involved in several scientific research projects on renewable energies, particularly in the major areas of biofuels and solar energy. Operating in about eighty-five countries in a responsible way towards its stakeholders, Eni invests in people and their empowerment, and it takes part to development through the integration of social, environmental and cultural issues in the growth process, in full respect of rights and diversities. From 2008 Eni has been offering the Eni award, aimed to promote and award research and technological innovation in the fields of energy and the environment.

The Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize constitutes one of the six sections of the Eni award, composed by the Energy Transition, Energy Frontiers, Advanced Environmental Solutions and the Young Researcher of the Year Prizes, together with the Recognition at Innovation Eni.

The purpose of the Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize is to help new generations of African researchers to emerge, offering them the opportunity to attend a post-graduate course (e.g. a doctoral course) in cooperation with prestigious Italian universities and research institutes and supporting their research and innovation on the various scientific topics promoted by Eni award.

Candidates must own a Master’s degree, a postgraduate diploma or any equivalent academic qualification granting access to a doctoral course in an Italian university. The theses must have been defended at an African University during the same year of the annual Official Announcement, or in the precedent year.

The Prize is reserved to students graduated in an African university or of African citizenship.

Each of the two winners will be awarded with a scholarship for the attendance of a post-graduate course (e.g. a doctoral course) in an Italian university or research institute with a solid reputation on the above-mentioned topics. It will be also possible to propose a non-Italian thesis advisor, collaborating with the Italian university or research institute hosting the student.

Deadline for the candidature proposals

November 25th, 2016 - 5.00 pm CET (Central European Time)

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