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European Policy Statement

Sharing both its past and future with the rest of its European partners, UNISS pays great attention to the Mediterranean scenario.
Thursday, 17 December 2015

Regarding its international mobility strategy for first, second and third cycle students, scholars and clerical staff members, UNISS will:

  • confirm the strategy implemented in the management of Erasmus SMP outgoing mobilities, that earned UNISS the highest share of EU and national funding for placement mobility;
  • boost incoming placement mobility through the "Erasmus Placement in Sardinia" project, launched by UNISS to support the key drivers of the EU's "knowledge triangle", through the publication of a collection of training opportunities offered by local agencies and companies;
  • advocate international mobility as an instrument to achieve the objectives envisaged by each degree course and promote greater employability and flexibility of graduated students;
  • promote quality and effective international mobilities, also by means of merit-based grants to be awarded to outgoing students with outstanding academic records;
  • promote non-EU mobilities for study and placement, in the framework of the "Ulisse" programme, launched by UNISS in 2010;
  • improve the quality of the services provided to promote international mobility, also through the support of departmental mentors;
  • support scholars through the promotion and recognition of the activities carried out abroad in the framework of the Programme;
  • promote dialogue and exchange of best practices also at administrative level, thanks to participation in STT mobilities.