ILS 2017 conference

ILS 2017 - Innovative Learning Spaces

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Innovative Learning Spaces

After the success of its first edition, ILS_VR17 presents the interdisciplinary workshop dedicated to a research project about learning spaces, according to the idea that not exclusively educational facilities can perform this function, but that the whole city could be interpreted as an urban learning platform and as a place to foster knowledge.

In this context new technologies and instruments for augmented reality contribute to the strengthening of the active and educational role of urban spaces.

ILS_VR17 seeks to explore these concepts by an operative workshop, where experts, students and employees could explore the development of new ideas and project proposals, according to interdisciplinary and transversal principles.

This initiative is based on the will to promote a high scientific (and educational) value initiative that will prompt a dialogue between who deals with the development of virtual environments and who projects actual spaces, so that mutual and spontaneous contaminations between the two sectors, applicable to urban environment, can take place.


During the same days the Urban learning spaces International Conference, revolving on the same topics, will take place. It will open to both the scientific community and private citizens.

27th August 2017, Porto Conte Ricerche, Alghero