LU delegation at UNISS

Lebanese University: new perspectives

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The current visit of the LU delegation will continue until March 19,  when the representatives of the Lebanese University, that is, Prof. Nadine Nassif (Head  of the Environmental Department - Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science) and Prof. Georges Hassoun (Environmental Department - Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science) will leave the island.

LU is the only public University in Lebanon and it is one of the largest and most prominent universities in the Middle East, with its 70,000 local students and a large number of foreign students.

Nadin Nassif and George Hassoun met the Rector of the University of Sassari, Prof. Massimo Carpinelli, Prof. Antonello Pazzona (Director of the Department of Agriculture), Prof. Antonello Cannas (Coordinator of the PhD course in agricultural science), and Prof. Salvatore Madrau (President of the degree course in forestry based in Nuoro). A development of the 2013 agreement between the University of Sassari and the Lebanese University will be encouraged in the near future, by consolidating the exchange between two Master's degree courses and fostering the creation of a Double Master's degree in forestry.

Since 2015, thanks to a formal agreement between the two Universities and the proactive role of the PhD course in agricultural science, and especially the support of Professors Antonello Cannas and Pietrino Deiana, Nadine Nassif and Georges Hassoun, every year the PhD course offers positions to the young graduates of the Lebanese University. In the framework of this agreement, six Lebanese PhD candidates are currently enrolled in the UNISS PhD course, enjoying a sound background in science and a great motivation. Their research topics include fields of interest to both Sardinia and Lebanon. In 2016, the agreement was extended to the PhD course in Veterinary Medicine and to the Department of Agriculture, with its Bachelor Degree in Forestry, currently held in Nuoro.

During the last few days, Professors Nadine Nassif and Georges Hassoun also met with Prof. Pierpaolo Roggero (Director of the Desertification Research Group), Prof. Luciano Gutierrez (Rector's Delegate for Erasmus Student Mobility and Internationalization), Prof. Eraldo Sanna Passino and Prof. Salvatore Naitana (Department of Veterinary Medicine).

On Saturday the delegation will move to Nuoro joined by a delegation from the Lebanese town of Zouk (including the Mayor, several community leaders and representatives of the local productive fabric). They will participate in meetings with the Mayor of Nuoro and in two conferences. They will also visit farms, factories and plant nurseries, in collaboration with the Forestas Agency.