Fifth edition of the Arab Water Forum

MENAWARA at the 5th Arab Water Forum

Wednesday, 22 September 2021
The 5th Arab Water Forum, the most important event for the Arab community to discuss and update the management of water resources, has begun in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
With its slogan "Arab Water Security for Peace and Sustainable Development", the Forum addresses issues such as "water security" in Arab countries, cross-border cooperation and water for sustainable development.
The Desertification Research Centre of the University of Sassari and the partners of the Menawara project, funded by the ENI-CBC Med Programme, organized the panel on "Water Security in Mediterranean Region: Sustainable water Reuse Strategies in Agriculture": the strengthening of water governance through innovative actions and technological solutions for the sustainable use of unconventional water. 
Quirico Migheli, Alberto Carletti and Alessandra Paulotto from the University of Sassari participated in the panel, in collaboration with the International Water Management Institute, shaing the major experience of cooperation between the partners of Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Spain and Italy. An introductory video illustrated the project to farmers, researchers and policy makers coming from partner countries.