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Message to Easmus students

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Dear students,

As you might have notices, during this emergency, the International Relations Office of the University of Sassari has reorganized its activities to contribute to a major reduction of pandemic exposure risk for all of you, by publishing a section (and some information in English) on our website dedicated to the management of your mobility during the COVID-19 emergency, launching a Skype virtual help-desk called “Ufficio Relint UNISS”, and the official e-mail address serving also during week-ends.

The staff of the IRO is available via Skype or phone during standard opening times for administrative and financial matters, and you may always rely on the support of Departmental contact points and the new Erasmus Ambassadors.

Former astronaut Chris Hadfield used to say that “to fly a Space Shuttle, you need to be an optimist, but no astronaut launches for space with their fingers crossed.”

This is a time of great challenges that will test us all. We’ll work hard and tirelessly to make sure that services are provided both in case of mobility continuation and termination. We are asking you to do your share.

To those of you who decided to come back to Italy and those of you who decided to continue their mobility abroad, we ask to pay extra attention, to plan your trips consistently with current restrictions and to keep in touch with the persons responsible for your mobility at all times to make sure that you can fully enjoy your learning and training opportunities, and a fair recognition of completed activities.

For further information and updates, please visit the dedicated section:

Luciano Gutierrez – Vice-rector for International Student Mobility

Savio Regaglia – Head of the IRO