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Message on the Nice tragic event

Friday, 15 July 2016

Le personnel de l’Université de Sassari présente ses condoléances à tous ceux qui ont perdu des parents et des amis dans l'événement tragique qui a eu lieu hier à Nice. Nous sommes profondément choqués par ces terribles attentats dans lesquels  des personnes innocents ont perdu la vie pour des actes insensés de violence et de haine.

Nos pensées vont également à tous ceux qui ont été blessés et qui étaient présents ou dans les environs.

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All the staff members of the University of Sassari present their condolences to all who lost family and friends in the tragic event that took place yesterday in Nice.

We are deeply shocked by these terrible attacks, which take the lives of innocent people in senseless acts of violence and hatred.

Our thoughts are also with all those who were injured and who were present or near-by.

We wish to draw attention not only to the brutality of these attacks, but to the appalling reality that such attacks continue to happen.

We and all our partners stand up for university values, for freedom, understanding, dialogue, even more than in the past in light of the recent crescendo of political, economic and societal challenges facing Europe and the world.

National and international financial crises, weakening solidarity, growing fanaticism and political repression, as well as armed conflict in neighboring countries, irrefutably have an impact on us all as professionals, educators and citizens of the world.