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Open for art: what kind of city do we need?

Monday, 15 February 2016

ALGHERO. With its Department of Architecture, Design and City Planning, the University of Sassari will participate in the third "Unhabitat" United Nations World Conference, dedicated to urban settlements. From 17 to 20 February, the Santa Chiara monastery in Alghero, the headquarters of the Department, will host one of the 28 preparatory events included in the "Urban Thinker Campus" agenda, that will end with the Conference in Quito (Ecuador) entitled "Habitat III", on October, 17-20, 20 years after the Istanbul 1996 and 40 years after Vancouver 1976.

The "Urban Thinker Campuses" will try to answer several questions concerting "what kind of city we need". ("the city we need"). The event in Alghero, in particular, will be entitled "Open for Art": a city open to art, because art is a necessary condition for beauty and quality to thrive within a city, a tool for urban redevelopment and regeneration, a way to boost opportunities. Preliminary conferences will provide food for thought for the New Urban Agenda, the main document that will be signed in Quito.

"Open for Art" will be launched on Wednesday 17 February, at 18.00 at the Library of the Mediterranean inside the Santa Chiara hub, and will include an interesting series of events. The event will be attended by Mayor of Alghero Mario Bruno, DADU Director Nicola Sechi, Roberta Porcu and Pietro Garau on behalf of the National Institute of Urban planning, the Scientific Manager of "Open for Art", Silvia Serreli, Antonello Sanna (Department of Architecture, University of Cagliari) and Zoran Djukanovic (University of Belgrade). The main event will be enriched by exhibitions, seminars and debates related to the Ph.D. School of Architecture and the Environment. Special guests, among others: Darko Radovic (Keio University, Tokyo), Mike Lydon (Urban planner, USA) and Christine Auclair, project leader of World Urban Campaign.

"The city we need-Open for art" is an initiative of the World Urban Campaign promoted by UN-Habitat and is organized by the Department of Architecture, Design and City Planning of the University of Sassari in collaboration with the Department of engineering and architecture of Cagliari, the Faculty of architecture of Belgrade that hosts the "Public art in public space" programme, and the Inter-University Department of Geography, territorial planning and policies of the University of Sassari and the Politecnico Torino.

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of culture and tourism, the Region of Sardinia, the Municipalities of Alghero and Sassari, the Riviera del Corallo Tourist Consortium, Fondaziona Meta, Fondazine Banco di Sassari and it enjoys the partnership of the National Institute of urban design, the MAN Museum of Nuoro, Società Umanitaria, the Nivola Foundation, the Sa Domo cultural association and Cooperativa Theatre En Vol, the Archimastria Student Association, the Consortium for the promotion of Higher education in Central Sardinia (UniNuor), DECAMASTER-Master in law and economics for culture and the arts, the ricercAzione Tamalacà Lab, the "Time in Jazz" Visual Arts Project (PAV), the Association of journalists of Sardinia that will also organize a training course for journalists and award 5 credits upon participation (19 February, 13.6 pm)

This initiative is part of the strategic activities of the Department of Architecture, Design and City Planning within the framework of international scientific and educational collaborations.

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