Migration flows

Open statement from UNISS 3M students on the International Migrants Day 2020

Friday, 18 December 2020

“2020 has been a challenging year for all human beings, with difficulties of unimaginable proportions for migrating world citizens and stateless persons. [...] Today’s challenges require new solutions and innovative approaches.”

This is the core of the Open Statement published today by the students of the University of Sassari, enrolled in the Master’s Course in Migration Management (3M), an international course launched by UNISS to further develop the learning programme carried out by the Bachelor’s Degree in Security and International Cooperation, the first of its kind on the Italian national territory.

3M UNISS students are now being trained as a future support to policy-making processes in the field of “Mediation and multi-cultural integration in immigration” (Curriculum 1) and “Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of migration flows” (Curriculum 2).

During the International Migrants Day 2020, our students feel the urge to reinforce their commitment toward a “brighter future based on cross-cultural dialogue and support” by sharing their statement.

Read the Open Statement below