TEMC Badges Prepared for Trainees

The Pre-trip Meeting of 4th Terms of Medical Specialist Training Program in Sassari Held Successfully

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pre-trip Meeting of the 4th Terms of Medical Specialist Training Program in Sassari, Italy, was  successfully held in Beijing on 31th, August, 2016. 38 excellent doctors from different provinces of China are going to study in University Hospital of Sassari (AOU) for a 3-month training task. Ms. Chen Ran, TEMC Director, Science and Technology Counsellor, Embassy of Italy Prof. Plinio Innocenzi, representatives of previous trainees--Ms. Wang Huifang, from Peking University Shougang Hospital attended the meeting. The pre-trip meeting gained great attention and support from Embassy of Italy in China and University of Sassari.

TEMC director Chen Ran expressed sincere welcome to all doctors present, and gave an opening speech, she said, "We hope that all participants stick together during the stay in Sassari, abide by foreign laws and regulations of the local hospital, cherish this opportunity, be dedicated, actively and broaden your vision." Science and Technology Counsellor, Embassy of Italy Prof. Plinio Innocenzi also gave a great speech to welcome all doctors study in Sassari and expressed best wishes to all. After that, Ms. Chen Ran, Prof. Plinio Innocenzi, Ms. Wang Huifang and Ms. Yin Xiumei wore badges for all doctors.

Representatives of previous trainees, Ms. Wang Huifang, from Peking University Shougang Hospital, vividly introduced her own overseas experience and shared learning outcomes in Italy with some practical suggestions. She encouraged all the trainees to cherish the opportunity of studying in Sassari and the advanced medical resources there, making full use of time to study and observe, and communicating effectively with Italian professors and colleagues as to acquire as much as possible. Ms. Yin Xiumei, Director Assistant of TEMC, gave a introduction of TEMC programs as well as some attentions for our trainees. Ms. Zhang Ning, The group leader from the Affiliated Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital of Qingdao Medical College, delivered her speech and emphasized the significance of this training, which was to obey the project arrangement, to unite & lead the team to complete the training task, thus giving a qualified answer to the motherland and people. Besides, 5 team leaders of the 4th terms made their speeches respectively and expressed their determinations for this up-coming training.

University of Sassari, located in Sardinia, Italy, as second largest city, was founded in 1558 by Alessio Fontana, a distinguished gentleman of Sassari. There are famous alumni, including former Italian Presidents Antonio Segni and Francesco Cossiga, anatomist, Medicine Nobel Prize winner and the first female MD, etc. Sassari School of Medicine in University of Sassari consists of three departments covering 41 first-class disciplines with clinical fellowships and M.D. program. University Hospital of Sassari, which relies on rich teaching and scientific research resources of University of Sassari, taking health care, teaching and scientific researches to coordinate with each other as goal, is committed to develop a highly efficient diagnosis-treatment system. There are 575 beds in the hospital which sets up three units: surgery department, Gynecology and Pediatrics department and medicine department, within 35 specialized subjects. University Hospital of Sassari takes effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiency as principle, meets patients with daily health requirements by improving medical service quality and utilizing advanced medical techniques.

TEMC has concentrated on working with international top medical institutions, aiming to improve the management level and expertise of national hospital administrators and academic leaders by communicating with the world-class medical and health organizations. TEMC wishes to provide help and support to domestic hospitals regarding aspects of talents training, medical quality and discipline construction through the bidirectional communication method of "sending out, inviting in". 





萨萨里大学坐落在意大利撒丁岛上第二大城市萨萨里市,由萨萨里知名人士Alessio Fontana于1558年开办。著名校友包括两位前意大利总统Antonio Segni和Francesco Cossiga,以及解剖学家、医学诺贝尔获奖者和首位女性医学博士等。萨萨里大学医学院下设三大院系,设有专门的临床医学奖学金和医学博士生点,涵盖一流学科41门。萨萨里大学附属医院依托萨萨里大学丰富的教学和科研资源,以卫生健康、教学和科研统筹协调为目标,致力于开发一套“诊断-治疗”高效医疗系统。医院共有床位575张,设置三大学科单元:外科、妇儿科和内科,专业分科多达35门。萨萨里大学医院以有效性、适宜性和高效性为原则,努力提升医院的医疗服务质量,运用先进的医疗技术,满足患者的健康需求。