Rector Massimo Carpinelli during his visit at UPS

Rector Carpinelli to visit USP (Brazil)

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Rector of the University of Sassari Massimo Carpinelli is currently visiting the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), one of the main institutions of South America, enrolling over 75 thousand students. The Rector will sign an agreement designed to boost international cooperation, both in the field of education and research.

Rector Carpinelli’s mission started on April 3 during his visit to the Ribeirao Preto facilities, where he met national journalists and TV channels. The delegation also included Professor Rosanna Ortu (UNISS) and Professor Alessandro Hirata (USP), the latter being the Delegate for International Relations and President of the International Relations Board of the Faculty of Law (Ribeirao Preto, USP).

On Tuesday April 4, after meeting the Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Rector Carpinelli will sign the framework agreement together with USP Rector Marco Antonio Zago.

“This event – Rector Carpinelli says – is a step forward in UNISS strategy to reinforce the university position in the international scenario. It also consolidates our long-standing relations and paves the way for more effective collaborations”.

The collaboration between the two institutions has been active for several years: it was formalized in 2016 with the signing of a bilateral agreement focusing on scientific and academic exchange, promoted by Professor Rosanna Ortu, who also facilitated the exchange on 20 PhD students of the USP Faculty of Law who participated in the “Summer School di Fondamenti del Diritto contrattuale europeo – FECL” managed by the UNISS Department of Law. The students spent their time in Sardinia at the Nuoro facility, run in collaboration with the UniNuoro consortium.

The institutions are also planning to develop a double master’s degree in the field of Law to pave the way for the implementation of the same strategy also in other areas of expertise.