UNISS in Brazil

UNISS in Brazil: dr. Gian Franco Capra published a paper of

Friday, 3 August 2018

The paper entitled "Background concentrations and quality reference values for some potentially toxic elements in soils of São Paulo State, Brazil" was published on the International Journal of Environmental Management. The paper aims at defininf the e te , published Quality reference values (QRV) for potentially toxic elements (PTE, in particular heavy metals) in soils.

For the first time these values are set, filling a gap that has been concerning the international community for a long time.

The paper was the result of a study conducted by Dr. Gian Franco Capra of the Department of Architecture, Designa dn City Planning (coordinating also NRD and UNINUORO), in collaboration with the University of Florida (USA) and the Sao Paulo State University (Campus on Ilha Solteira and Campus of Botucatu), the University of Sao Paulo (Campus of Piracicaba), the Federal University of San Carlos.