Rector Massimo Carpinelli on SOLE24ORE

UNISS international activities on SOLE24ORE

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

“In viaggio per espandere i confini della conoscenza” (On the way to broaden the boundaries of knowledge) is the title of the “Events” special issue of Sole 24 Ore, focusing on the University of Sassari. The inclination of the University of Sassari to internationalization is testified by Rector Massimo Carpinelli, and shown by the data published by his delegate for internationalization, Professor Luciano Gutierrez.

“Living in Sardinia, we fully understand the need to broaden the boundaries of our knowledge. – the Rector explains during the interview - The process of internationalization is one of the strengths of my personal interpretation of the concept of University, supported by the opportunities provided by the mobility programmes available to students and scholars. Joint courses and research projects are, by their very nature, international".

The article also makes reference to Francesco Cucca’s research project on Sardinia human genome and includes a focus the Desertification Research Centre of the University of Sassari.

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