WADIS MAR - International conference - 22 March 2016 - Tunis

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Desertification Research Center (NRD-UNISS), in collaboration with the Observatoire du Sahara and du Sahel (OSS) is organizing an International conference on good practices for sustainable water resources management in arid and semi-arid environments in Tunis on 22 March 2016, on the occasion of the World Water Day.

The conference, supported by the DesertNet International (DNI) and the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED), aims at showing to the national and international authorities the effective implementation of projects in the field of sustainable water management taking into account the technical scientific results achieved by the SWIM DEMO projects besides other success stories carried out in arid and semi-arid environments by relevant Institutions involved in water management.

The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of the SWIM Demo projects and the other experiences carried out by relevant Institutions involved in water management, while during the second day, a roundtable with relevant political Institutions will be the occasion to discuss about the outcomes achieved so far by these projects in the fields of water management within the frame of local and strategic policies dealing with environmental protection and climate and global change among Mediterranean Countries committed to implement the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development.

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