Enrolment procedure

Before Enrolling

Before applying for enrolment, students interested in studying at the University of Sassari need to verify the quota of places reserved for non-EU citizens residing abroad.
The list of study courses offered by the University of Sassari and the corresponding number of places available to non-EU citizens can be consulted here.

Pre-enrolment of international students residing in non- EU countries

International students residing in non-EU countries who decide to apply for a course at the University of Sassari need to deliver a pre-enrolment application to the nearest Italian embassy or Consulate, according to the deadlines set by the Ministry of Education.
The Italian Embassy or Consulate forwards the pre-enrolment applications to the University. The University examines the applications and sends back a list of eligible candidates to the Italian Embassy or Consulate.

Limited access courses

The University of Sassari offers several degree courses (Bachelor, Master and Single-cycle): some of them have free access, and others have limited access.
The application to attend courses with limited access at national level must be completed through the online procedure at the Universitalys website
The admission procedures for courses with limited access at local level vary according to the single course. Instructions on application to each course can be consulted at the official Calls and Competitions webpage.

Italian Language

The courses are held in the Italian Language. Therefore, before matriculation, International Candidates must prove their mastery of Italian. 
An Italian language exam will be held on the 3rd of September in several Departments. For more information about the Italian exam at your department, please see this webpage
The University of Sassari offers free Italian language courses to students interested in enrolling at the University. For more information, please see the dedicated page.

Enrolment Procedures and requirements

For enrolment to any degree course (1st level degree or 2nd level degree) at the University of Sassari, the following documents are required:

  • 1st level degree programme (Laurea triennale) or a single-cycle master programme (Corso di Laurea magistrale a ciclo unico)
  1. Italian school leaving qualification or equivalent foreign qualification
  • 2nd level degree programme (Laurea magistrale)
  1. Bachelor Degree or equivalent first level degree
  2. University transcript with all the exams taken

All documents must be officially translated into Italian and authenticated by the authorities of the country in which they were issued - except in the case of specific international agreements and conventions that provide for exemption.

For more information regarding enrolment, please contact the Students' Office

List of Departments and related courses:

The list of Department in the English language is available at the official page.

Enrolment fees

The amount of taxes and fees are determined according to:

  1. the family economic situation (ISEEU-Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation)
  2. the year of enrolment (and whether the student is in line with the course schedule or behind in the course schedule)
  3. the part-time or full-time condition of the student

University fees are paid in two instalments during the academic year:

  • 1st deadline 20 October 2014, Payment fee: Euro 216,00
  • 2nd deadline 2 March 2015, with two possibilities:
  1. one single deposit if the amount due is equal to or less than Euro 50,00
  2. 50% of the amount due, if the tax is more than Euro50,00
  3. Final settlement of payment within the 30th of April, 2015

A delay in payment will entail a penalty fee.

How to pay the University fees

Before payment, students must register through the Web portal Students Self-Service, proceed with online enrolment and obtain a matriculation number.
Deposits can be made at any agency of the "Banco di Sardegna" (Bank of Sardinia).

Additional expenses

Along with the first instalment (including the 16Euro stamp tax): payment of the degree course tax
Along with the second instalment: regional fee for "ERSU", Regional Institute for the Right to Education

Students who are behind with their studies must comply with art.6 of the Taxes legislation (please consult this page).
Part-time students must comply with art.5 of the Taxes legislation (please read this page)

ERSU Scholarship

Every year the Regional Institute for the Right to Education (ERSU) offers students grants and other facilitations. Grants are available to students in the form of a scholarship and include free access to services such as the canteen and a room in the house dedicated to student accommodation.
The deadline for application is the 1st of September 1st at 13.00 hours.

For more information, please contact the ERSU offices:
+39 079 9940002 – dirstudio@ersusassari.it

For the full set of rules, please read the competition announcement here.