PAGOPA fee payment system

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pagoPA® is an electronic payments system designed to make it easy, safe and transparent to pay Italian Public Institutions.

Since 1 January 2019, it is the only payment method accepted by the University of Sassari.

pagoPA® is not a payment website, but a new standardized way to pay Italian Public Institutions via the channels provided by Payment Service Providers (PSP) which have adhered to the system. Payments may be made directly on the site or app the Institution, or via the on-line and physical channels provided by banks and other Payment Service Providers (PSP).

pagoPA® is a public system - the rules, standards and tools of which are established by the Italian Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale and approved by the Italian Government and by the adhering PSPs - that makes it possible for individuals and businesses to make electronic payments to public institutions in a safe, reliable and simple way, clearly reporting the amount of transaction fees. This is an initiative promoted by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers to which all public administrations are obliged to adhere.

Via the PagoPA® system, payments may be made as follows:

  • pay immediately by logging in the on-line PagoPA payment section;
  • pay immediately by logging in the Banco di Sardegna portal, to pay with a credit or debit cards (eg. UNISS card);
  • pay immediately via the Home Banking service of your bank;
  • pay later, by printing a notice of payment in PDF/paper format, that also contains the bar code and a QR identification code of payment, that is useful if you wish to pay at a bank counter or other PSPs adhering to to pagoPA® (e.g., via a Sisal, Lottomatica or Banca5 terminal, or at the post office counter). Currently this method of payment is not available at Banco di Sardegna.

N.B.: Payments cannot be made after the payment expiration date, nor for amounts exceeding € 1,000 at Sisal terminals.

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