Research areas

  • Interface between Natural and Cultural Landscape and Heritage
  • Landscape History, Identity and Perception
  • Cultural and Spiritual Values of Landscape and Nature
  • Cultural Heritage and Agricultural, Rural, Island and Sacred Landscapes
  • Landscape and Education
  • Mining Landscape
  • Ecosystem, Cultural and Landscape Services
  • Ecological Networks and Greenways
  • Econet, Landscape and People
  • Seascape and Island Ecology and Heritage
  • Mediterranean Landscapes, Seascapes, Islandscapes and Ecoregions
  • Landscape, Inclusive Societies and Local Communities
  • Landscape, Arts and the Environment
  • Landscape and Seascape Character Assessment
  • Landscape and Territorial Analysis, Tools and Mapping 
  • Sustainable Local Development for Cultural Itineraries and Pilgrimage Routes
  • Landscape and Seascape Planning, Policies and Strategies