Eduroam: Mobility for GARR users

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Eduroam® (education roaming) is a GARR service offering a safe access to the wireless network for university and research users moving around Europe and beyond

Students, professors and researcher visiting an institution affiliated with Eduroam® may access the web from their laptop and mobile device (or other mobile device) by simply entering the credentials used by their own organization.

Eduroam world map

The Eduroam® Italian Federation is coordinated by GARR: it includes 35 European countries, the United States ,  Canada and 10 Asian and ACP countries, such as Australia, China, Japan and Taiwan. Among  Italian members are CNR, INFN, INAF and over 40 Universities.

5000+ hotspots are available in the UE and hundreds of research centres, museums, labs, libraries, university campuses etc. llegati, Eduroam® is growing fast also thanks to the spread of mobile devices and the greater mobility of students and researcher.

The Eduroam® hotspots around the world


To access the service, you need to install the configuration (or CAT) of the Eduroam member institution and enter your broadband credentials, adding “” to the username, to identify our organization.

Caution: the broadband user name followed by “” (eg: may be different from your email account.

User’s guide

Before leaving:

​    1 - ​Installs the CAT in your device related to the institution where you plan to spend your time abroad
​    2 – When the application requests so, enter your credentials (as already mentioned)

Once you reach your destination:​

​    3 – look for the “eduroam” wifi and connect


Eduroam is a trademark registered by the GEANT Association (formerly known as TERENA), a trans-European association of research and academic centres: it promotes collaboration, innovation and data sharing in 38 countries to develop infrastructures and services within the academic and research communities.

The Eduroam Italian Federation is coordinated and represented at the international level by GARR. The aim of the Federation is to facilitate internet access for member organization users going abroad.