Master in Climate Change, Agriculture and Rural Sustainable Development, is a Capacity Building in Higher Education Project, financed under the Programme Erasmus Plus, Key Action 2 of the European Union

Duration: 3 years (start date 15/01/2020; ending date 14/01/2023

Project Reference number: 609562-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Consortium: University of Sassari (Partner 1-Coordinator, Italy); University of Granada (Partner 2, Spain); University of Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza (Partner 3, Peru);  National University of Jaen (Partner 4, Peru) the Regional University of Amazon-Ikiam (Partner 5, Ecuador) and University of Azuay (Partner 6, Ecuador).

Associated Partners: National Institute on Biodiversity, Ecuador (INABIO Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad);  Binational Development Plan of the Border RegionPeru-Ecuador (Plan Binacional de Desarrollo de la Región Fronteriza Perú-Ecuador).

About the project: The Project Master in Climate Change, Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development”-MACCARD aims at improving the higher education training offer on urgent issues common to two Latin American neighboring countries, Ecuador and Peru, by implementing an interuniversity Research Master in Climate Change, Agriculture and Rural Sustainable Development in the Latin American Universities involved in the Consortium, while enhancing the quality of teaching and contributing to strengthen cross border cooperation between Ecuador and Peru HEIs and between them and EU Programme countries. A new Master on climate change with a focus on Agriculture and Sustainable development, in each local University both in Ecuador and Peru,  will contribute to build the expertise and train professionals able to conduct studies and to plan and implement reliable measures to respond to climate change challenges and threatens on crucial sectors. 

Facebook page: @MaccardProject