COVID-related information for incoming students

Study during COVID

Here at UNISS, we are making all possible efforts to make sure that your mobility experience is as safe and rewarding as possible. For this reason, we have developed a set of instructions and rules that will help us protect your health and education.

Starting from 1 September 2020, our teaching staff will resume face-to-face classes as usual. However, we plan to stream lessons so that everyone could benefit from them, including students with special needs.

So, online classes will be a great opportunity to improve the learning experience for all of you who can attend face-to-face lessons, and for those who unfortunately do not have the same opportunity.

Online classes will be offered via our e-learning platform.

In general, during exam sessions, the members of the evaluation panel will be present at an UNISS venue and exams will be taken face-to-face. However, restrictions may be considered, depending of potential risks, the features of the classrooms and laboratories, and the instructions that UNISS safety staff will provide from time to time.

We’ll try to be as flexible and possible and closely monitor potential sources of infection.

Each Department will publish specific instructions and information regarding safety requirements during classes and exams. We’ll update this page from time to time.

At the beginning of your mobility, Italian or Sardinian authorities might ask you to observe a two-week isolation or pose some restriction, although this is unlikely if the pandemic is contained properly. In any case, if that is the case, we kindly ask you to follow their instructions and to comply with any rules that our national or regional authorities might issue during your stay at UNISS.

However, even if you are asked to observe the isolation, during that time, you may easily attend online Italian language and culture courses, via our e-learning platform.

Because your safety and the safety of our teaching staff and resident students are of utmost importance, you will be asked to fill a form by which you declare not to be SARS-CoV2 infected, and to submit it to our International Relations Office ( or

We all hope that, despite this difficult time, your experience at UNISS will be fulfilling and that you will have the chance to become an active member of our resident and international community!