The International Emergency Management Society

TIEMS was established in Washington, USA, as The International Emergency Management and Engineering Society (TIEMES) and registered in Dallas, Texas, USA, as a non-profit organisation. Among the group of founders were Jim Sullivan, USA (First President), K. Harald Drager, Norway (First Vice President), Suleyman Tufecki, USA (First Treasurer), Jean Luc Wybo (Board Member), France and Ross Newkirk (Board Member), Canada.

International Education, Training and Certification Program

TIEMS launched its International Education, Training and Certification Program in 2011TIEMS Education with the following objectives: 
  1. Put International Focus on the Profession of Emergency and Disaster Management
  2. Contribute to an International Standard in Education, Training and Certification in Emergency and Disaster Management
  3. Contribute to education in Emergency and Disaster Management in order to promote the state of the art in technology, systems and methods available in the field
  4. Contribute to education at all levels, from policy documents to courses in primary school education
  5. Establish a TIEMS Certification of Qualifications in International Emergency and Disaster Management
  6. Contribute to Capacity Building in Countries where little or no Education and Training in this field is available
  7. Recruit International Teachers and Trainers to TIEMS Pool of International Teachers and Trainers
Since the the beginning of 2011, TIEMS training workshops have been arranged in China,  Romania and Iraq. TIEMS International Pool of Teachers and Trainers has been establsihed with international courses on different topics in emergency and disaster management.