Sailing in Sardinia

The project

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The University of Sassari, in cooperation with the University Sport Centre (CUS), organizes sailing courses for incoming students.

Erasmus students will have the opportunity to enjoy extra-curricular activities while studying in Sardinia.

The project was first launched in 2015 and had extra-ordinary results: the first group of Erasmus students joined the sailing team supported by the University of Sassari, who ranked #1 in the “Vento de l'Alguer” international competition

FASTIDIOSA UNISS CUS triumphs in the 2015 12th M.A.C.I. Trophy (EN)

“The third leg of the Vento de l'Alguer competition, organised by the Italian Naval League and the Italian Sailing Federation, saw once again the CUS crew from the University of Sassari conquer the top step of the podium, after a perfect race from every point of view. The crew of the Fastidiosa once again included Guilia Pich, who returned to Sardinia from La Spezia especially to sail under the CUS colours and the flag of Erasmus Sailing in Sardinia. The general competition classification sees the crew of UNISS students in first place, having won all the races in the programme so far. The next regatta will take place on 2nd of August with the AIRC - LAVAZZA trophy.”