International activities

UNISS enjoys a great number of collaborations with partners based in other countries and international institutions. 

Collaborations are ratified through framework and specific agreements, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), participation to international programmes and projects.

In order to make it easier for international partners to submit collaboration proposals, contact persons are available at each Department.

University extension programmes

For more than twenty years, the continuing education engagement of the University of Sassari, has provided learning programmes also to adult learners across the North of the island. By offering accessible and relevant courses, it provides knowledge and connections for people to achieve their personal and professional goals. Through funding programmes provided by the European Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the University has fostered training and education through language courses and vocational training sessions, also hosting third party organizations. This approach also directly impacts businesses and communities, helping citizens become more skilled and committed to making Sardinia a better place to live and work in.

UNISS extension in provided through:

  • the School of Medicine for Continuing Medical Education and Training (see also, SICT project)
  • the E-learning Bureau for all Virtual Campus activities
  • the local Bar Association, a leading provider of practice aids and programmes for lawyers
  • the local Architects’ Association, covering continuing education and training for architect

Rosanna Ortu & Claudia Crosio

Rector’s Delegates for International Mobility

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Support for students with special needs

Accessibility: Most infrastructures are free of architectural barriers and are equipped to host students with disabilities. However we kindly ask you to always contact us in order to evaluate each specific case and the interested premises. (

Accommodation: Rooms equipped for students with special needs are available at the Student’s Hall. For information, please write to /

Library: Within University library Network specific tools are available for students with disabilities, such as enlarger softwares to support reading, internet access point with Braille keyboard; computers with voice recorder.

Learning support: Students may refer to the Delegate for disability matters of each Department, in order to discuss specific learning needs. 

Assessments: Specific support during the exams may be discussed and agreed with the Delegate for disability and with the Professors.

For further information you amy also visit the dedicated section on the Italian website (Italian language).