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Project Title: Advanced Technologies for LANds management and Tools for Innovative Development of an EcoSustainable agriculture (ATLANTIDE)

About the Project

ATLANTIDE is an ambitious joint project among Topcon Agriculture, Abinsula and the University of Sassari. The general objective of ATLANTIDE is the complete integration between knowledge and enabling technologies for the definition and implementation of agricultural production models that aim to efficiently combine inputs (water, fertilizers, pesticides, energy, time) with outputs (increase efficiency, improvement of quality, reduction of production losses, reduction of resource use, reduction of land use, reduction of the ecological footprint).

The specific objective of ATLANTIDE - the creation of a Framework enabling the manipulation, aggregation and fusion of agro-food field data for a development from a Precision Agriculture perspective in the European context - will be achieved through a series of specific operational objectives of technological nature and their experimentation in specific application contexts. The experimentation will not be limited to the laboratory and will be carried out directly in the field thanks to the involvement of the UniSS Center for Innovative Agriculture located at the experimental farm in Surigheddu.

The general objective of the project will be achieved through the following specific operational objectives:

Precision phenotyping of specific plant materials by obtaining detailed metabolomic profiles at the level of a single plant in field conditions. The set of information obtained will allow to identify the genotype/cultivation technique combinations capable of inducing particular metabolic profiles in plants.

Quantification and evaluation of plant biodiversity and agro-pastoral productivity and other eco-systemic services, and design of innovative agro-pastoral management and monitoring systems with site-specific agronomic management. The RS tools will be applied for monitoring the management of pasture improvement practices (thickening with legumes, fertilization).

Differentiated and optimized management of crops on the basis of new knowledge, acquired through a monitoring protocol of environmental phenomena, carried out with precision farming techniques and capable of responding to individual crop management needs.

Design of sensor systems, integrated with the automation of the greenhouse environment management activities, in order to improve the management of resources, with consequent reduction of the environmental impact and a more regular morphophysiological development of plants in cultivation, thanks the reduction of the causes of environmental and nutritional stress and the prevention of the main pathologies.

Design, development and evaluation of systems that aim to integrate agricultural information with devices for augmented reality. These systems will be used for the timely management of data relating to individual subjects in line with the principles of precision agriculture.

Use of innovative sensors derived from classification algorithms (Deep and Machine Learning) which, installed directly on the agricultural tractor, on the ground farm robot or on drones, transmit the information obtained, (physiological state of the plant, presence of biotic and abiotic stress, vegetative responses to different cultivation practices, monitoring and execution of phytosanitary treatments, monitoring and counting of bunches, etc.) in order to prepare a decision support system for companies, innovative and efficient, and aimed at the sustainability of cultivation practices, control of grape quality and management of oenological objectives.

Dates: November 2020- October 203

Source of funding: Regione autonoma della Sardegna – Fondo per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione (FSCA)

Amount of funding: 1,500,000 €

Role of IA UNISS: Beneficiary

IA Scientific Responsible: Antonio Piga

IA members and staff involved: Antonio Piga, Giovanna Attene, Gianni Battacone, Giuseppe Brundu, Maria Caria, Paola Deligios, Alessandra Del Caro, Costantino Fadda, Filippo Gambella,  Francesco Giunta, Antonio Ledda, Luigi Ledda, Andrea Lentini, Roberta Lobina, Katia Manca, Luca Mercenaro,  Rosella Motzo, Gianni Nieddu, Tore Pala, Annalisa Pinna, Andrea Porceddu, Vanda Assunta Prota, Domenico Rau, Monica Rodriguez, Pier Paolo Roggero, Gabriele Sara, Grazia Maria Scarpa, Salvatorica Serra.


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