Steering Committee


Antonio Piga – Dipartimento di Agraria

Steering Commitee

The Steering Committee is composed by 9 people from Universities, Research Centers and private companies.


List of the members of the IA Steering Committee in alphabetical order:


Bruno Basso – Michigan State University – e-mail:

Davide Cammarano – Purdue University – e-mail:

Raffaele Casa – Università della Tuscia – e-mail:

Alessandra Del Caro – Dipartimento di Agraria – e-mail:

Pierpaolo Duce – CNR Sassari – e-mail:

Michele Falce – Novamont – e-mail:

Daniele Giusto – Università di Cagliari –

Antonio Piga – Dipartimento di Agraria – e-mail:

Luigi Sartori – Università di Padova -e-mail:

Antonio Solinas – Abinsula – e-mail: