Title: Sustainable Installation of Bamboo in the Upper y Lower Imaza, Bongarà Province, Amazon Region.

About the Project

The Project aims at contributing to reduce the environmental and socio-economic vulnerability of the populations living in the Upper and Lower Imaza (Utcubamba River). It foresees the promotion of forest enrichment practices based on bamboo, to combat soil erosion and strengthen the river banks and slopes, while offering an additional source of income to the local population through the sustainable use of bamboo. The intervention is based on a demonstrative approach and an active involvement and participation of local people, with special attention to women. Furthermore, the project includes training activities, transfer of knowledge and the creation and strengthening of spaces for dialogue and governance mechanisms among local stakeholders on the issue of natural resources management.

Dates: May 2015- May 2017

Source of funding: Fondo Italo Peruviano (FIP)

Role of NRD UNISS: Leader

Scientific Responsible: Prof. L. Gutierrez

NRD members and staff involved: Dr. Laura Altea, Dr. Pietro Arras, Dr. Roberta Lobina

Partnership: AVSI Peru (co leader), Environmental Regional Authority of the Regional Government of Amazonas (Associated).