The objectives of LUCINDA are to provide a concise and comprehensive information pack containing guidelines for sustainable land management in desertification-affected areas derived from the scientific results of past and on-going EU research projects and to make this information available to regional and local authorities who, through national participation in the UNCCD, have a specific mandate to combat desertification.
In the information pack key issues will be addressed including: desertification processes and characteristics of affected Mediterranean landscapes; indicators, monitoring, public awareness, NAPs and effects of policies. For each issue there will be a booklet, a summary leaflet for use by less specialised readers, and a PowerPoint presentation containing slides and text for use in training and dissemination. To write the scientific contents, 22 expert authors were involved.

Title and acronym: Landcare and Desertification-Affected Areas - LUCINDA

Dates: from 2006 to 2008

Location: European Mediterranean Countries

Partnership: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, The Foundation for Sustainable Development Wageningen NL (FSD), AUA Agricultural University of Athens, The University of Basilicata DITEC, Fundación CEAM (Mediterranean Centre for Environmental Studies), ES, Universidade Lusófona

Source of Funding: European Commission - Framework programme 6

Role of NRD: expert author

NRD Scientific responsible: Prof. G. Enne

NRD members and staff involved: Dott. C. Zucca; Dott.ssa C. Zanolla, Dott.ssa V. Petrucci, Dott. C. Caria