Short description: The main objective of Agroscenari is to identify the modalities of adaptation to climate changes of the main Italian agricultural systems, assessing their sustainability. Agroscenari proposes a multi-disciplinary approach taking into account the different aspects involved and the interrelations between climate, crops, parasites, soils, social environment and economic profitability of agricultural systems.

Title and acronym: Scenarios of Adaptation of Italian Agriculture to Climate Changes - AgroScenari

Dates: from January 2009 to December 2013

Location: Italy (four study areas)


CNR-IBIMET (National Research Council, Biometeorology Institute),

CRA (Agricultural Research Council),

CNR-ISAFOM (National Research Council, Institute for the Mediterranean Agricultural and Forestry Systems),

ISAN (Food and Nutrition Science Institute, Univ. Cattolica S. Cuore Piacenza),

ARPA Emilia-Romagna (Environmental Protection Agency, Regional office),

DEAR (Department of Agroforestry and Rural Economics, Univ. Tuscia)

Source of Funding: Ministero delle Politiche agricole alimentari e forestali (MIPAAF)

Role of NRD: Partner, responsible of the research topic no. 2: Analysis of the impact of climate changes on cropping systems, production of scenarios of adaptation.

NRD Scientific responsible: Prof. P. P. Roggero

NRD members and staff involved: Dot.ssa G. Seddaiu, Dott. L. Ledda, Dott. R. Della Peruta, Dott. G. Urracci, Dott.ssa R. Lobina

Keywords: Scenarios of Adaptation, Climate Change, Italian Agriculture