This project aimed at studying, monitoring and managing in a sustainable way the areas threatened by Desertification in Mediterranean Europe. It carried out a rationalisation of the information and of technical-scientific experiences acquired and elaborated for risk areas identified in previous national and regional programmes. The general objective of the project was the creation of a platform of services, a network of Pilot actions and users and an Interregional Observatory to Combat Desertification, to contribute to the creation of a homogeneous system to exchange data/information and to monitor desertification processes.

Title and acronym: Monitoring and actions to Combat Desertification in Mediterranean Europe - DESERTNET

Dates: from October 2002 to June 2004

Location: Mediterranean Europe

Partnership: Regione Liguria-Italy, Regione Campania-Italy, Regione Calabria-Italy, Regione Toscana-Italy, Regione Sicilia-Italy, Regione Basilicata-Italy, Regione Sardegna-Italy, ARPA-SIM-Italy, Region de Murcia-Spain, Junta de Andalucia-Spain, ENEA-Italy, APAT-Italy, University of Cagliari-Italy

Source of Funding: Programme Interegg IIIB-MED-OCC

Role of NRD: coordinator

NRD Scientific responsible: Prof. G. Enne

NRD members and staff involved: Dott. C. Caria