This project aims to carry on the experience started with DesertNet 1 project, while developing, improving and integrating it with innovating aspects. Specific objectives will be enforcing and widening the partnership, through structuring of a system of pilot actions linked to local planning processes, implementation, animation, integration of innovating functions in the Platform of Services (PoS) created during the DesertNet Project, inter-sectoral and territorial integration, creation of an efficient system of transfer of the results to the Institutions, promotion of actions aimed to sensitize local populations and to spread the results, at national and international level.

Title and acronym: Mise en oeuvre d'une Plateforme de Services pour la lutte contre la sécheresse et la désertification dans les régions du bassin de la Méditerranée Européenne à travers un système d'actions pilote locale - DESERTNET 2

Dates: from October 2005 to June 2008

Location: Mediterranean Europe and MEDA Countries

Partnership: Regione Calabria-Italy, Regione Toscana-Italy, Regione Sicilia-Italy, Regione Basilicata-Italy, Regione Sardegna-Italy, Region de Murcia-Spain, Junta de Andalucia-Spain, ENEA-Italy, APAT-Italy, University of Algarve-Portugal, NAGREF-Greece

Source of Funding: Programme Interegg IIIB-MED-OCC

Role of NRD: coordinator

NRD Scientific responsible: Prof. G. Enne

NRD members and staff involved: Dott. P. Pisanu

Key words: International Network, desertification, Platform of Services, pilot actions Mediterranean