The project constitutes an extension (adaptation) of the DesertWatch approach to the tropical areas affected by desertification in Brazil and Mozambique. NRD is responsible for the supervision of the Requirement Engineering phase,
including the analysis of the scientific state of the art, of the technical and technological requirements and of the institutional users’ needs in term of monitoring and assessment of desertification.

Title and acronym: Development of an information system based on Remote Sensing technologies for the evaluation and monitoring of desertification and its temporal evolution - DESERTWATCH 2

Dates: from 2009 to 2011

Location: Brazil and Mozambique

Partnership: Advanced Computer Systms ACS SpA, Italy, Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas (EEZA), CSIC, Critical Software (Portugal), Instituto Geografico Portugues (Portugal), Instituto Superior Tecnico, (Portugal), Deimos Engenharia, (Portugal).

Source of Funding: European Space Agency

Role of NRD: partner

NRD Scientific responsible: Dott. C. Zucca

NRD members and staff involved: Dott. C. Zucca

Keywords: Remote Sensing

Latest updates: requirement engineering phase under completion; related report under revision by the NRD responsible.