The strategic goal of EcoFINDERS is to support European Union soil policy making by providing the necessary tools to design and implement strategies for sustainable use of soils, including:
- Characterisation of the biodiversity of European soils and the normal operating range (NOR) according to soil types, threats, climatic zones and land uses.
- Determination of relationships between soil biodiversity, functioning and ecosystem services.
- Quantification of the economic values of soil ecosystem services.
- Evaluation of the impacts of human activities on soil biodiversity, functioning and services.
- Design of policy-relevant and cost-effective indicators for monitoring soil biodiversity, functioning and ecosystem services.

Title and acronym: Ecological Function and Biodiversity Indicators in European Soils - EcoFINDERS

Dates: from 01 Febreuary 2011 to 31 August 2014

Location: Europe

Source of Funding: European Commission, Framework Programme 7

Role of NRD: partner

NRD Scientific responsible: Pier Paolo Roggero

NRD members and staff involved: Dr. Giovanna Seddaiu, Dr. Luigi Ledda, Dr. Roberta Lobina

Keywords: Soil biodiversity, soil functions, ecosystem services, bioindicators, microorganisms, fauna, environmental economy, long term observatories

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