The project aims to innovate the Sardinian beef production chain through the design and development of new social learning spaces between researchers, farmers and the Arborea Producers' Cooperative, which coordinates the project. Sardinia imports some 70% of the beef meat as most of the veal calves produced by some 7,000 pastoral farms in the Island are sold to intensive fattening centers in the mainland. This projects aims to support the Arborea Producers' Cooperative in developing a beef production chain based on local resources. New learning spaces are being designed around the improvement of the agronomic management of the grassland and forage systems, the plant biodiversity values of the grasslands, the interactions between grazing animals and parasites and the economic farm sustainability. The project includes the introduction of new technology to transform the beef fattening center waste into a fertilization resource for the extensive livestock farming systems of Sardinia. The new label "Carni bovine di Sardegna" (Sardinian beef meat) is being evaluated in relation to the environmental and economic values associated to the local beef meat chain emerging from the integration between scientific and local knowledge.

Title and acronym: ICHNUSA BUBULA - Innovation in the Sardinian beef short supply chain to improve its both economic and environmental sustainability

Dates: from October 2013 to October 2014

Location: Sardinia, Italy

Source of Funding: Misura 124 del PSR della Regione Sardegna 2007/2013

Role of NRD: Scientific Support

Scientific responsible: Prof. Pier Paolo Roggero

NRD members and staff involved: Prof Luciano Gutierrez, Dott. Luigi Ledda, Dott.ssa Giovanna Seddaiu, Dott.ssa Simonetta Bagella, Prof. Tonino Scala, Dott. Antonio Varcasia, Dott.ssa Roberta Lobina, Dott.ssa Paola Murru, Avv. Antonio Francesco Temussi

Project staff: Dott.ssa Antonella Zidda, Dott. Francesco Ruiu, Dott. Marco Marrosu, Dott. Marco Sini, Dott.ssa Sabrina Sardo, Dott. Roberto lai

Keywords: Local beef meat chain, process innovation, social learning, biodiversity, label, sustainability

Partnership: Cooperativa Produttori Arborea, Az. Agr. Pirredda Piermario, Az. Agr. Vaddidulimu di Ziruddu Pierfranco, Az. Agr. Giovanni Cubadda, Società Agricola Alinedu