LIFE - FutureForCoppiceS (CLOSED)

Project Title:Shaping future forestry for sustainable coppices in southern Europe: the legacy of past management trials. 

Project Acronym: LIFE FutureForCoppiceS

About the Project

FutureForCoppiceS will improve the knowledge base for the development of future,sustainable forest management (SFM) of coppice in southern Europe (Tuscany and Sardinia). Coppice systems cover ca. 23 million ha in the European Mediterranean countries (ca. 3.7 million ha. in Italy) and are barely considered in SFM scenarios, which are mostly based on modeling exercises. FutureForCoppiceS adopts a different concept: on the basis of a network of management trials installed 10-45 yrs. ago, it will demonstrate, post-hoc and by real data on SFM indicators, how different management approaches have actually favoured/limited the sustainability and efficiency of coppice forests. Given that concurrent, substantial changes (e.g. climate change) have occurred over the past 45 yrs. both locally and globally, the results will improve the knowledge base for SFM in view of anticipated future changes in key environmental drivers. Management trials (traditional coppicing, natural evolution, active conversion by selective felling) were regularly monitored over time. Existing and newly collected data on consolidated SFM indicators will be evaluated to demonstrate the value of different approaches in ensuring provision of forest ecosystem goods and services (FGS). This will contribute to the knowledge base for SFM and support resource efficiency-related policy.

Dates:October 2015- September 2018

Source of funding: European Commission

Role of NRD UNISS: associated beneficiary

Scientific Responsible: Dott.ssa Simonetta Bagella

NRD members and staff involved: Prof. Pier Paolo Roggero, Dott.ssa Giovanna Seddaiu, Dott.ssa Chiara Cappai

Partnership: CRA Consiglio per la Ricerca e la Sperimentazione in Agricoltura (coordinatingbeneficiary);Ente Foreste della Sardegna (associatedbeneficiary); Fondazione Edmund Mach (associatedbeneficiary); Ente Terre regionali toscane (associatedbeneficiary);Università degli Studi di Firenze, GESAAF (associatedbeneficiary).