Objective of the project is the integrated and comprehensive assessment and evaluation of long time prevention and restoration interventions carried out in a wide range of conditions worldwide. Two key activities for pursuing this goal will be the establishment of an information system of long-term monitoring sites for assessing actions to combat desertification, and the definition of an integrated protocol for the assessment of these actions. The impacts on socio-economic status, soil functions, biodiversity, and ecosystem services will be specifically considered. Best practices will be identified considering traditional and innovative approaches, and multiple purposes at different spatial (local to global) scales, and by establishing cost-effective thresholds for the various alternatives. The project will develop educational material and transnational science strategies, and implement participatory approaches to share and transfer evaluation methods and best practices.

Title and acronym: Prevention and Restoration Actions to Combat Desertification. An Integrated Assessment - PRACTICE

Dates: from September 2009 to August 2012

Location: many "desertification restoration" sites all around the world; NRD sites located in Sardinia and Morocco

Partnership: 15 partners coordinated by CEAM (Spain)

Source of Funding: European Commission, Framework Programme 7

Role of NRD: partner

Scientific responsible: Dott. C. Zucca

NRD members and staff involved: Prof. M. Mulas, Prof. R. Scotti, Prof. S. Madrau, Dr. Roberta Lobina

Keywords: Desertification; restoration; integrated assessment; ecosystem functions; long term monitoring.