People and organization

NRD is composed of Professors and Researchers from Faculties and Departments of the University of Sassari, who provide scientific support to the development of the diverse activities of the Centre.

In addition, dedicated Staff is in charge of the daily activities pertaining to three functional areas:Scientific and Technical staff, Financial Management and Secretariat, Communication and External Relations.


He is elected by the General Assembly, he/she chairs the General Assembly and the Executive Board and is member of the Scientific Board. The Director, inter alia, promotes NRD activities in accordance with the University statute and regulations, keeps relations will all academic bodies and coordinates NRD staff. In agreement with the Scientific and Executive Boards, the Director proposes the annual plan of research and promotes research agreements with University Departments and with other national and international scientific institutions.

Prof. Pier Paolo Roggero e-mail: Tel.: +39 079 229226; fax: +39 079 229222; was appointed Director of the NRD in february 2016

General Assembly

It is constituted by 40 professors and researchers of Sassari University that joined NRD because of their scientific interest. It elects NRD Director, Executive Board and proposes the members of the Scientific Board to the Academic Senate for approval.

Scientific Committee

It supports the general planning of NRD scientific activities and carries out internal audits to check their accomplishment; it also promotes and develops national and international networking.

Prof. Giuseppe Enne (chairman)  e-mail: Tel.: +39 079 213102;  fax:03 +39 079 22 93 99

Prof.Giorgio Ghiglieri e-mail: Tel.:+390706757717; 393209234153 +390706757717

Dott. Riccardo Moro email:

Prof Pier Paolo Roggero e-mail: Tel.: +39 079 229226; fax: +39 079 229222

Dott. Marcello Scalisi e-mail: Tel.: +39 06 68581430

Prof. Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza e-mail: Tel.:+39 06 69531251/53/58 ; fax:+ 39 06 69531270 



Executive Board

It is responsible for the general administrative planning and management of NRD. 
It is chaired by the Director and made up of four NRD members, two of which are full professors. They oversee the administration of NRD financial resources and the recruitment of external staff, they propose the annual balance for approval by the General Assembly.
The executive board also proposes and/or approves agreements of scientific collaboration with scientific institutions and examines requests for new memberships to be proposed to the general Assembly for final approval.

Prof. Pier Paolo Roggero e-mail: Tel.: +39 079 229226; fax: +39 079 229222;

Prof. Domenico D'Orsogna e-mail:; Tel.:+39 079 977126

Prof. Luciano Gutierrez e-mail:; Tel.: + 39 079 229256 

Prof. Quirico MIGHELI e-mail:; Tel.: + 39 079 229295

Prof.ssa Giovanna SEDDAIU Tel.: + 39 079 229392;  fax:+39 079 229222 

Directorate staff

It assists the Director in his duties; it is composed of an officer from the Financial Management staff, one from the Secretariat staff and one or more representatives from the Scientific and Tecnhnical area, among professors, researchers and expert collaborators.


Secretariat, communication, external relations

The Secretariat, Communication and External Relations Area supports NRD Director in the daily running of the Centre, provides support to projects elaboration and reporting, supports national and international networking and organises training and dissemination activities (conferences, seminars, courses).

Dott. Pietro Arras email:; Tel.+ 39 079 213102; fax: + 39 079 229399 

Technical and scientific staff

The Scientific and technical staff is in charge of the elaboration, coordination and scientific reporting of research and cooperation/development projects.

Dott.ssa. Laura Altea e-mail: Tel.:+ 39 079 229238 

Dott.ssa Chiara Cappai e-mail: Tel.: + 39 079 229264 

Dott. Alberto Carletti e-mail: Tel.: + 39 079 213105 

Dott.ssa Laura Chessa e-mail: Tel.:+ 39 079 229238

Dott. Stefano Cuccuru e-mail:

Dott. Matteo Funaro e-mail: Tel:+ 39 079 223107

Dott.ssa Ileana Iocola e-mail: Iocola Tel.: + 39 079 213101

Dott. Roberto Lai e-mail: Tel.: + 39 079 219384 

Dott.ssa Laura Mula e-mail: Tel.:+ 39 079 229227  

Dott. Giacomo Patteri e-mail: Tel.:+ 39 079 219384 

Dott.ssa Alessandra Paulotto e-mail: Tel.:+ 39 079 213101

Dott. Antonio Pulina e-mail: Tel.: + 39 079219384

Dott.ssa Rizzu Margherita e-mail:


Financial management

The Financial Management staff is responsible for all administrative issues and financial reporting.

Dott.ssa Roberta Lobina (Project financial manager) e-mail: Tel:+39 079 213103; fax:+39 079 229399

Dott.ssa Anna Paola Dessena (Financial manager) e-mail: Tel:+39 079 213106; fax:+39 079 229399