Visiting Professor Programme

Visiting Professor Programme

The Visiting Professor Programme was launched in 2006 to promote the international projection of the whole Sardinian University system.

For this purpose every year the University of Sassari publishes one or more international calls and selects an average number of 130 highly qualified scholars from all over the world.

Applications may be filed by both full and assistant professors or researchers, currently employed at a foreign University and interested in cooperating with the University of Sassari giving their scientific contribution in their specific teaching and/or research fields of expertise.

On the basis of the profiles requested by the Departments of the University of Sassari, candidates may apply for either short-term (6 to 18 days) or for long-term visits (1 to 6 months).

The Programme is funded by the Regional Government of Sardinia (Regione Autonoma della Sardegna - RAS), that allocates funds to the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari, on the basis of a three-year covenant (Resolution No. 53/69 of 20/12/2013).

Contact professor's duties

  • Communicate timely, at least 15 days before, the date of arrival of the scholars;
  • make sure the Visiting has got an Italian tax code, otherwise it will be required at the Tax Agency according to the following procedure:

 - fill in all parts and sign the form AA4 / 8 (see attached document)

 - bring along a copy of UNISS letter of assignment, as well as photocopy of identity document both of the chief and of the delegator;

  • make sure that the Visiting professor taking advantage of the Convention against double taxation will bring the certification at the time of signing the contract;
  • send the scientific report (see attached form) concerning the activities carried out during the stay of the Visiting Professor, to the Visiting office.

Requesting a tax code

Tax code

To draw up a contract with the University of Sassari, the Visiting Scholar, or a delegate in his/her stead, will have to provide the Italian Personal Tax Number (= codice fiscale), issued by the local Italian Revenue Office.



The following documentation is requested:

  • a clear and legible copy of your passport (non European citizens) or of your identity card (European citizens);
  • letter of invitation from the hosting Department;
  • application form completed and signed;
  • eventually a written authority

Note that you may also contact the Italian Consulate in your country to request an Italian tax code before you visit our university.

Visiting Professor's duties

  • Confirm by mail the acceptance of the nomination as a Visiting Professor;
  • Make sure of the validity of your travel document;
  • If EU citizen, remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card;
  • If non-EU citizen, read carefully the appropriate section;
  • Contact the Office if you wish to benefit from the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation, signed by the Italian Government and the Government of your country of origin, by submitting you tax residence certificate, as issued by your Inland Revenue (see form in the following section “Certificates of tax residence for individuals”.

For further information, visit our “Guide for visiting professors”.

Health assistance

European Healthcase Card

EU citizens

The Health Service is guaranteed to all European citizens who have their own European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card allows all EU citizens who are temporarily in another Member State (whatever the reason for the stay), the direct access to health services of the host country, under the same conditions of residents, merely by showing the Medical Card. With the European Health Insurance Card citizens receive medical or hospital care without visiting the Local Health Department (ASL). The card can be used for medical assistance in all the countries of the European Union as well as in Switzerland and in the European economic area countries (SEE): Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Non-EU itizens

Non EU-citizens can register in the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (National Healthcare  Service) free if they have a residence permit. Registration in the mandatory health insurance is free and takes place at the competent ASL aid for the residence area. It allows to choose a general practitioner among the list of physicians available. The foreigner will contribute to medical services as an Italian citizen. For the registration you need a residence permit – or the receipt of application – and the Italian tax code. Non EU-citizens staying in Italy less than 90 days cannot enroll in the SSN. They will have to provide for their own for a healthcare insurance valid on the Italian territory. Anyway they will make use of urgent health services upon payment of regional charges. For further information, visit this link.

Certificates of tax residence

The academic who cooperates with our University will be subject to the Italian taxation. However, if he/she wants to avoid a double taxation, in Italy and in his/her country of residence, it is possible to benefit from the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation.

The scholar interested in benefitting from the above-mentioned Convention will have to apply for the certificate of fiscal residence. This document is issued by the Inland Revenue in his/her country of fiscal residence and is valid for the current fiscal year.

In the case that the bilateral convention is not applied, payments will be subject to withholding tax at the 30%.