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Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell personal page

Ian Mitchell Interview on the "Informanimation" project


  • Mitchell Ian, "Authority or Cliché? The Graphic Language of Information Design". Turri C. (ed.), IP Informanimation 2011: Research, Education and Design Experiences. Roma, Franco Angeli, 2012: 22-49

ISBN 978-88-568-4717- 8


  • "Authority or Cliché? The Graphic Language of Information Design". Alghero, Department of Architecture, June 27, 2011

Andrè Jorissen

Andrè Jorissen personal page


  • Jorissen Andrè, Fragiacomo Massimo (UNISS), "General notes on ductility in timber structures". Engineering Structures, Special Issue on Timber Structures, Vol. 33 No. 11, pp. 2987-2997.

Ignasi Perez Arnal

Ignasi Perez Arnal personal page


  • Perez Arnal Ignasi, "Re-use: alternative drivers for the outrageous city". In: "Re-use: sustainable strategies for urban regeneration". Edited by Faiferri Massimo (UNISS). Yet to be published


  • "Re-use: alternative drivers for the outrageous city" within the International Conference Villard "ReUse 02- Strategie sostenibili di riquali-cazione urbana". Alghero, July 2, 2012

Luc Levesque

Luc Levesque personal page


  • "Towards Hybrid and Situational Urban Spaces. Objects and bodies as vectors". Alghero, Faculty of Architecture, June 10, 2011;
  • Open discussion within the International workshop "Future City Lab. Building a vision for a sustainable future". Olbia, June 6, 2011

Diane Lewis

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  • Open discussion within the International workshop "Future City Lab. Building a vision for a sustainable future". Olbia, June 6, 2011;
  • "Un itinerario: Architettura, una dimensione esistenziale". Alghero, June 1, 2011;
  • "Una riflessione tra progetti, persone, eventi e libri che insieme costituiscono la 'raison d'etre' per la mia presenza". Alghero, June 1, 2011

David Yeoh

David Yeoh personal page


  • Yeoh David, Fragiacomo Massimo (UNISS), De Franceschi M., Koh Heng Boon,"State of the Art on Timber-Concrete Composite Structures: Literature Review". Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 137, No. 10, October 2011, pp. 1085-1095

Trevor Marchand

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  • "Mattoni di terra cruda e minareti". Alghero, Faculty of Architecture, November 8, 2010;
  • Participation at the conference "Spaces for learning". Alghero, Faculty of Architecture, November 5, 2010;
  • Debate on the documentary film "Future of Mud" (co-author)

Christian Phongphit

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Jurgis Skilters

Jurgis Skilters personal page


  • Pinna Baingio (UNISS), Skilters Jurgis (2012), "Three-level model of semantics in perception".
  • Pinna Baingio (UNISS), Skilters Jurgis (2012), "Semantics of Perception".


  • "Large-scale spatial cognition: Perception of urban environment". Alghero, Dipartimento di Architettura, 12 aprile 2011

Stefan Bernard

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Martin Rein Cano

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  • Cooperation, with Prof. Stefano Tischer (UNISS), to the creation of a landscape work in the context LandWorks Sardinia 2011

Thilo Folkerts

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Henry Bava

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Marc Pouzol