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Rossella Filigheddu

Rossella Filigheddu

Rector’s Delegate for Higher Education

Rossella Filigheddu graduated in 1983 and continued her studies at the Universities of Sassari, Modena, L’Aquila, and Ancona. In 2005 she was awarded the position of Fullo Professor in Environmental and Applied Botanics (BIO/03).

She was a member of the National Board of Società Italiana di Scienze della Vegetazione (SISV), a member of the Editorial Board of the Plant Sociology journal and a referee for Journals in the fields of Vegetation Science, Systemi Botanics and Biodiversity Conservation.

She is an expert in: 

  • the spacial distribution of plant communities and the effect of human activities on biotic interactions;
  • Geobotanical statistical-descriptive analysis;
  • Morphological and gene variability in vascular plant species.