Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is a training program that relates/links the qualifications held by international students and the requirements for enrollment in a degree course at the University of Sassari.

It is designed to fill gaps due to the different study paths that the candidates have made in their countries as well as providing the support and preparation necessary for inclusion in the University, both for the study programs and of the cultural approach.


The Foundation Course, according to current legislation, is mainly aimed at:

- candidates with a secondary school diploma obtained abroad who have not achieved the minimum schooling requirements for enrollment in Italian universities (i.e. candidates who hold a foreign high school diploma obtained after 10 or 11 years of schooling);

- candidates who attended 12 years of education, required for enrollment, but who need, choosing among the MODULES offered by the Foundation Course, to fill in any formative or linguistic gap;

- candidates with an American high school qualification that does not include any Advanced Placement (AP), required for enrollment, according to current legislation.


The course has a one-year maximum duration and allows the candidates to obtain a certification attesting the training skills for enrollment in the degree courses of the University of Sassari.

The FC is based on (articulated in) two training path:

  • Foundation Course in Human Sciences (Humanities)
  • Foundation Course in Science (Science).

Each candidate interested in enrolling in the Foundation Course will be able to choose and define an individual training path for the obtainment of the certification, depending on the specificity of the qualifications achieved. Attendance at the FC course is compulsory. Students who complete their training can enroll in a degree course without the need to sustain the Italian language exam for non-EU students.

Regulations of the Course, as approved by the University Senate on the 20th of  July 2018 and 22nd of July 2018 the Board of Directors.