Job-oriented Master’s courses

2nd level Master’s courses

2nd level Master’s course in “Advanced aesthetic medicine” organized by the Department of Biomedical Science, supported by CRISMENC (Centro di Ricerca e Sviluppo in Medicina Estetica, Nutraceutica e Cosmetologia), in collaboration with SIES (Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) based in Florence Milan, Rome and Bologna, and VALET, Certified vocational institute based in Bologna.

DECAPRO 2nd level Master’s course in “Law and Economics for Culture and the Arts in Territorial Development Planning”, organized by the Department of Law and the Department of Architecture, Design and City Planning

2nd level International Master in Medical Biotechnology, in collaboration with Huè University of Medicine and Pharmacy, (Vietnam)

2nd level Master’s course in “Pharmaceutical Technologies and Regulatory Activities”, organized in collaboration with “Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale di Tecnologie  Farmaceutiche Innovative” TEFARCO Innova, that the University of Sassari is a member of, abnd the National Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals (A.F.I)

2nd level interdepartmental Master’s course in “Management of Healthcare Facilities-MaDiSS” organized by the Department of Economics and the Department of Biomedical Science

2nd level Master’s course in Auricular Neuromodulation – Auriculotherapy, supported  by “Centro di Ricerca sulla Neuromodulazione Auricolare e sulle Terapie Complementari – CERNATEC”

1st level Master’s courses

1st level master’s course in "Intensive care and emergency medicine for nurses" organized by the Department of Medical, Surgical and Experimental sciences of the University of Sassari, in collaboration with the “Azienda per la Tutela della Salute (ATS)”, the AOU Sassari University Hospital, “Consorzio per la Promozione degli Studi Universitari nella Sardegna centrale” and the Regional Body for Medical Emergency”

1st level master’s course in “Insurance Economics and Management”, organized by the Department of Economics and the Department of Law. The 2018 edition will be launched in collaboration with Amissima Assicurazioni S.p.A., a Milan-based company, and the Department of Economics