Enrolment procedures for international students

If you are a non-EU citizen living abroad and you wish to study at the University of Sassari, you are required to first submit your application to the Italian Consulate based in your country of residence, within the time limits laid down by Ministry of Education. 

For the academic year 2018/2019, the provisions laid down by  the Inter-ministerial Decree of 18 February 2018, as amended and supplemented, applies concerning the enrolment of non-EU citizens residing abroad, non-EU citizens regularly residing in Italy, EU citizens residing in any Country, Italian citizens having an academic qualifications issued by a foreign institution.

Non-EU citizens residing abroad can enrol within the reserved quotas, as set for each course of study annually by the Academic Bodies and reported in the ministerial database.

Non-EU students residing abroad who have submitted a valid application to the Italian Embassy or Consulate based in his or her Country of residence, in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down by the above-mentioned provisions, will have to take an Italian language proficiency test, that is mandatory for all courses except the exemption set by ministerial regulations.

Since the University of Sassari joined the "Marco Polo" mobility programme, it allocates a number of positions for Chinese citizens.

If you are a EU citizen, non-EU equivalent citizen, Italian citizen with a foreign academic qualification, you can apply directly to any tests.

Before participating in any entry tests, those who already hold a foreign degree qualification are required to deliver the confirmation of their test registration to the Ufficio Segreterie Studenti e Offerta Formativa (Via del Fiore Bianco, 5, Sassari), fully filled-in on-line, together with the original qualifications awarded.

If you wish to attend an Italian language course for foreigners, our university will give you the opportunity to attend one for free.

For further information, please write an email to the Student Administration and Course Office (Ms. Maria Rita  Cubeddu: rcubeddu@uniss.it), or visit the Official Website published by the Italian Government.

National procedure for international students